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Medical Sheepskin Underlay - 60cm x 90cm - CSIRO Certified - AS4480.1

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We understand in this difficult period, it may be hard for you to get to our stores to see our products in person. For peace of mind, we offer a 30-day exchange or return policy to help you make the right decision!

This curly wool Australian Medical Sheepskin is a fully CSIRO certified product and registered with the Therapeutics Goods Australia (TGA) as a Medical Device for Pressure alleviation.

Made using carefully selected Australian Sheepskin, this product has an extremely dense curly wool pile that is 30mm thick. It is also Hi-Temp and Urine Resistant, making it suitable for incontinent users. 

This Medical Sheepskin product can help prevent and treat pressure sores.

Hi-Temp refers to this product being able to be washed at up to 80 degrees Celsius to allow for thorough disinfection cleaning when required, without damaging the sheepskin. It can also be dried at up to 60 degrees Celsius. Hi-Temp cleaning is important to prevent the spread of infection

The dimensions are 60cm x 90cm which will generally cover pressure points from the shoulder to the lower hips.

The green colour is an Australian Medical standard and represents that this Medical Sheepskin is High-Temp and Urine Resistant. This product meets and exceeds the recognised standard (AS4480.1 1998). 

Each product comes fully certified by the CSIRO and is stamped on the underneath side to authenticate this product. Our CSIRO registered Manufacturing ID number is 14 which can be found imprinted on all our certified Medical Sheepskin products.

**We understand the urgency of receiving Medical sheepskins as quick as possible, that's why we aim to send out all Medical orders within the same business day via Express Post for Free.**

**If buying for someone who is incontinent, we recommend purchasing 2 underlays and our Woolskin Shampoo available here. This allows for one to be washed and dried while the other is being used.**


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Patricia Burke
My Wool Underlay

I purchased this underlay for my Aunt who lives in Residential Care. It took her a little while to get used to as she found the edging hard on her skin. However, she has now informed me that she is very happy, and finds herself sleeping in quite often.

Dianne Britton
Wool underlay

We are very happy with the product and service.

Victoria Jewett
Excellent quality

The fibres are the perfect lenght to provide cushion comfort. The lenght is perfect, as a sleeper who turns in the night I dearly wish there was a wider one in the same length. Full bed size looks amazing but not needed.

Florence Keith
Lamb skin rug

Warm - relaxing - enabling me to sit in comfort- this rug seems to relieve pressure on my body - very happy with it and a must for arthritis sufferers thank you - very efficient service here within 48 hours

Diane Wallace
Absolutely wonderful product

I had a fall resulting in a cracked rib and torn ligaments and soft tissue damage in my back. There was only one position I could sleep in, that was sitting up which became very uncomfortable and tender. I purchased the sheepskin underlay 90 x 60 cms size and it made such a difference to my comfort. Now I'm up and about again I have it on my chair and it makes it very enjoyable to relax in comfort and I'm sure it will be lovely and cosy in the winter months too. A bit costly but as I have taught my children, "Buy cheap and you buy twice".

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