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Aussie Wool Comfort Quilt - 250GSM


We understand in this difficult period it may be hard for you to get to our stores to see our products in person. For peace of mind, we offer a 30-day exchange or return policy to help you make the right decision!

Sleep soundly with our original Allergy-Free, Pure Natural Wool Quilts.  Thanks to this quilt, thousands of happy customers sleep better at night in pure comfort.

From the warmest northern Australian summers, through to cold winter nights in Hobart, we have the perfect quilt. All are made from 100% Australian wool encased in the finest quality sateen cotton with no resins or chemicals.

Thickness: 250gsm
Contents: 100% Australian Wool
Casing: 100% Sateen Cotton sheets

使用Yellow Earth抗过敏、纯天然的羊毛被有效提高睡眠品质,深受数以千计的客户喜爱。
从澳大利亚北部温暖的夏天,到南端霍巴特寒冷的冬夜,Yellow Earth最顶级的羊毛被全都適用。
YE 羊毛被100%澳大利亚羊毛製成,被套面料为最优质的纯棉缎,无添加任何树酯和化学成分。
厚度:250gsm ; 内含100%澳洲 Wool ; 被套面料100%纯棉缎纹床单。

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