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Woolskin Shampoo 500ml

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Specially formulated Wool wash for our sheepskin rugs.

Made in Australia and formulated with Australian Tea Tree Oil for natural anti-bacterial properties.

500ml bottle size.


Laundry Instructions

Best results are obtained by using the recommended dosage. Always refer to care labels in garments.

How to measure concentrate wool wash
1 Remove cap from measure chamber only
2 Gently squeeze bottle until contents reach the desired level
3 Pour into wash and re-cap measure chamber

Machine Wash
Top Load: Measure 20mls for small load and 40mls for large load into the washing machine.
Front Load: use half the quantity. Select wool or gentle cycle and load size. Double rinse.
Sheepskin rugs & woollen garments – use cold water.

For Yellow Earth’s Green Medical sheepskin range only, hot water can be used.

Machine wash on wool wash or gentle cycle:
Gentle spin ensuring the load is balanced. Allow to slowly dry flat away from direct heat or sunlight or on LOW in a tumble dryer.
For larger items like double sheepskins or blankets, best results are achieved by hand-washing in a tub.

Hand Wash
Measure 20ml for each 10 lt of water into wash tub. Use COLD or WARM water.
Place sheepskin or wool garment into the diluted solution and gently squeeze hand washing for approximately 5 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly with COLD or WARM water until water is clear. DO NOT STRETCH.
Squeeze out excess water and allow to drain, (you can spin out excess water on a SLOW spin cycle on your washing machine) – DO NOT WRING DRY, allow to dry flat and away from direct heat and sunlight or on LOW in a tumble dryer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Susanne Goodier (New South Wales, Australia)
baby rug and shampoo care

this package is a gift to a new mother and daughter. I brought the shampoo with the rug to insure the best care for the rug and save the mother thinking of what product do I use when I need to wash it.
Should the product be recommended for lambs wool rug, I'm positive it will do it's magic.

Susan (Victoria, Australia)
Great purchase

I order this for my Dad as he needed it for in bed. He said it was great and made a great difference and softness under him.

Sandra Rix (New South Wales, Australia)
Great product

Brilliant clean on my sheep skin seat covers. Very happy!


Love it 😀

Peter McArdle (New South Wales, Australia)

Excellent product

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