Our Traditional Moccasins: An Aussie Classic

A classic Aussie favourite, they are a must-have footwear for your home. Our traditional moccasins are our most popular indoor slippers and have been trusted and well-loved by our customers for over 15 years. We pride ourselves with the many good feedback and reviews that our moccasins receive regularly from our customers, our style and fit have been perfected over time, so our customer can ensure that they are getting moccasins of the best quality and fit.

Our sheepskin moccasins are crafted from Genuine Australian Sheepskin. Its leather suede outer and plush sheepskin lining on the inside are designed to keep your feet warm and cosy even on the coldest winter days.

Photo of hand making process

Using Genuine Australian Sheepskin means that our customers can enjoy the benefits that natural sheepskin has to offer. The natural wool in our Traditional Moccasins acts as a natural ventilator and insulator by allowing moisture and vapour to pass through its natural fibres, and so it will keep your feet warm and snug during the cooler months while allowing them to breathe easily and stay dry during the warmer season. Our moccasins are all fitted with a flexible lightweight EVA sole, ensuring a comfortable and easy to walk in fit. Each pair is individually hand sewn and has a reinforced heel counter to prevent your heel from slipping when walking.

Compared to moccasins made of synthetic materials, which are not long-lasting and can make your feet feel itchy, sweaty, and smelly, our moccasins are made of the highest quality Genuine Australian sheepskin to ensure a long-lasting and comfortable wear for many seasons.

Our moccasins come in a variety of colours and sizes to ensure a perfect fit for every member of your family. They also make a perfect gift for any occasion!

Want to keep your moccasins protected against dirt and stains, keeping it looking newer and cleaner for longer? Try the Yellow Earth Sheepskin Boot Care KitSimply spray the water and stain repellent on your new moccasins and this will provide a protective repellent barrier for your new slippers. Accidentally get dirt on them? Use the provided sponge, lightly dampened, to remove any dirt or stains.

Photo of the Yellow Earth Sheepskin Boot Care Kit

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