Find Out All About Our Durable Uggs Collection

Ever wanted a pair of Uggs that you could wear in extreme weather? A durable Ugg with a heavy duty sole?

We’ve created a range of Uggs that do just that! Excellent for cold, freezing days, Uggs that will keep you warm and are made for extreme climates. All using our genuine plush Australian A-grade double-faced sheepskin that Yellow Earth are known for.

Hiking Low Boot - Classic Men's Women's Genuine Australian Sheepskin Boot with Heavy Duty Outdoor SoleThe Hiking Low boots are great for cold days while you’re out at the footy or finishing up at the snow, or simply relaxing by the campfire, these boots provide the perfect combination of reliability, non-slip traction, and comfort.

With their durable, non-slip rubber sole that maintains flexibility in low temperatures, our Hiking Low Boot is tailor-made for winter use.

Stay warm with our Hiking Low Ugg boots as your trusted companion.

 Hiking High Boot - Classic Men's Women's Genuine Australian Sheepskin Boot with Heavy Duty Outdoor Sole

For extra warmth and added protection from the elements, our Hiking High Uggs measure at 30cm in height. This makes them the ideal Ugg for cold frosty conditions, whether you’re at the snow or out camping. You can rest assured that these Uggs will stand up to any challenging conditions. Carefully considered with added reinforcements such as toe cap and stitched seems makes them durable Ugg you’re sure to love.

 Kurri Kurri UGG Boot - Side Lace Women's Sheepskin Boot - 100% Australian A-Grade Double Face Merino Sheepskin

Kurri Kurri is our very stylish yet practical Ugg. Featuring a lace-up side that opens up, making it easier for you to put on! Like our Hiking High Uggs, these boot also measure 30cm in height and provide the same amazing benefits of winter warmth and protection from the elements. Made with durability in mind, and a modern design there’s no question you’ll feel warm and look great!

Three great option to keep you warm and cosy in any conditions and they will stand up to the challenge!

And remember, you can keep your Uggs clean with our Ugg Boot Cleaning Kit.